We have 3 different room types at Kathmandu Garden House to suit all traveller types. There is the Standard Room with two single sized beds, the Double Room for couples, and the Triple Room for larger companies who require more space.

All our rooms come with attached bathrooms, access to WiFi, very comfy beds, and 24-hour hot and cold water. Each floor also has its own public balcony overlooking our gardens, making it an ideal for relaxing at all times of the day.

Depending on the availability of our rooms, the rates are between USD8 and USD30 per room; inclusive of all taxes. Contact us today for the best rates!

Le KATHMANDU GARDEN HOUSE vous propose différents types de chambres,la chambres simple, la chambre double ainsi que la chambre triple, toutes avec salle de bain privée

Selon la saison et la disponibilité, nos prix T. T.C vont de 7 euros à 27 euros.

Standard Room

The Standard Room is our most basic and affordable room. Although the most affordable room, our Standard Room comes with all the other rooms have: Great WiFi connection, comfy beds, an attached bathroom, garden views, and 24-hour running hot and cold water. You will have the option of having a city view or a garden view (depending on availability), and room service is also available.

Double Room

Our Double Room is bigger than our Standard Room, and comes with a Queen sized bed. These rooms also come with amazing WiFi connectivity, very comfortable beds, and attached bathrooms. The toilets have 24-hour running hot and cold water, and room service is available. Guests also have the option of selecting rooms with either a garden or city view depending on its availability.

Triple Room

The Triple Room is largest room with offer at Kathmandu Garden House. This room comes with all the amenities offered in the other rooms as well, including WiFi connection, an attached bathroom, garden/city views (depending on availability), and 24-hour running hot and cold water. This room is however ideal for larger groups with its one Queen sized bed and one single sized bed.